Selected Publications

My work has been published around the world in several languages.

With hundreds of articles in print it is hard to select just a few but here are some of my favourites over the years in several languages.





I wrote the update to The Rough Guide to Moscow. This was after living in Russia for almost two years. The Rough Guide allowed me to make some insider knowledge available to readers.






The Soft Paddling Guide to Ontario and New England was my last book with Boston Mills Press. Combining a day on the water with nights spent at luxury accommodation it combined the best of paddling and travelling in New England and Ontario.

Unfortunately both Kayaking Georgian Bay and The Soft Paddling Guide are now both out of print. We are planning on updating and releasing them again in the next year.





Kayaking Georgian Bay covers paddling – primarily sea kayaking – on Georgian Bay in Ontario Canada. It is still one of the most beautiful and special places to paddle in all the world. After having paddled on 5 continents I still feel this is one of the best places to sea kayak and is my favourite freshwater sea kayaking in the world.






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– Archaeology Magazine –

Searching for rock art in Malawi and  a historical dig in Algonquin Park





_wsb_272x368_Canada+Page+One_wsb_263x354_Moscow+Real+Travel+Article_Page_1– Real Travel Magazine –

I wrote many articles for Real Travel and these are three of my favourites.

Canada is my homeland and the chance to write about Canada for the UK travel market was a dream come true.

Moscow is a favourite topic – in particular in this case the Moscow Metro – because I lived there and fell in love with the culture and people. The Moscow Metro is truly far more than a transit system – it is both the lifeblood of the city and a vast public museum and art gallery.

Sicily was not a place I expected to go snowshoeing but it was a place I thought I was going to love for the food wine and culture – both turned out to be true.




– In London Magazine –

Travelling to Russia by Train.

I lived in Russia for a few years and travelled to an from on many different forms of transport from over a dozen different countries – this route via train from Tallin is one of my favourite ways to enter Russia. It allows the travellers to ease into the culture and also allows travellers to truly grasp the size of the country.


– Ski Pass –

For Years Ski Pass was Russia’s Premier Ski Magazine. I was the International Editor for Ski Pass. Here are a few of my favourite articles. These articles are in Russian. For English versions please click here.

  _wsb_297x374_Whistler+Ski+Pass+page _wsb_298x389_Ski+Pass+articles_Page_02

– Kanu Magazine –

Kanu Magazine is Germany’s premier paddling Magazine. Researching for this piece on sea kayaking in Norway was a wonderful experience.  The Salten Coast is truly one of the world’s magical places. You can read more about that trip here.


Bahrain Traveller

For three years I was the main Editor at large for Bahrain Traveller. We covered stories from  around the world in both Arabic and English. At the time Bahrain Traveller was the most prominent travel magazine in the Gulf States. Here is a selection of a few articles I wrote and photographed for them. unfortunately Bahrain Traveler changed its name to Khaleej Traveler and just 6 issues into the new label closed its doors for good.

_wsb_289x378_Thames_Page_1 swiss arabic1 swiss english1

– Canadian Geographic –

A short piece on Maple syrup as an indicator of Climate Change – is a warming world going to take away our favourite Canadian sweetener?

syrup Canadian Geographic1 copy

Go Active – UK Based publication

Writing for Go Active was great – adventure focused and there was a wonderful editor that I worked with there called Christine Ottery, Christine was one of the best editors I have worked with in over 25 years in this profession.

Loch Torridon story_Page_1   Swiss1 copy