It is said that there is no such thing as bad weather- only bad gear!

I have watched the evolution of gear in many fields for 30 years. For many years I worked as a sponsored adventure athlete testing and refining gear from many companies.

Anticosti 029Some of these companies are:

Cascade Designs
Werner Paddles


For a few years I was the Gear Editor for Momentum Magazine – testing and coordinating gear testing for North America’s premier urban cycling magazine. From fenders to rain gear to bikes and everything in between we tested them all.

My work with them and the chance to test gear has given me the knowledge to accurately assess just how good gear really is. Will it last? Is the design good? Is it worth the money? Will it make your life easier on an adventure?

Here at Nomadic Adventures we continue to test new gear and to revisit older gear and older tests and reviews. Gear is sorted by activity and weather. All gear reviews follow strict guidelines so it is possible to compare different types of gear – an apples to apples test between different types of gear.

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Please contact me if you have thoughts on these reviews or on the gear in the reviews.