Family Travel

Family travel is where most children develop their love of exploration and new places and people. It is likely the best education any child can have. It is also a great eduction for the parents.

Travelling as a family requires the adults to start looking at the world through the eyes of a child – a much clearer view generally!

We are launching a complete site focused on Educational Family Travel.

We also partner with Travels with Timur – click here to check out some of Timur’s travels and interviews –

For 10 years we have been travelling the world as a family – my son had been to 14 countries by the time he was 3 – and we still spend several months a year travelling as a family to new places and sometimes revisiting old destinations to look at them with a new perspective. I believe in many ways I have learned more from travelling with a child than I ever did travelling as part of a cuple or going solo. Each type of travel has its own special hook and Family travel has me completely hooked. Through Travels with Timur and our other regular travel I have seen many destinations in a totally new light simply by looking at it through the eyes of a child.