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TMAC Press Card Picture (2)The Nomadic Adventures team is led by Jonathon Reynolds – the owner and driving force behind Nomadic Adventures. Areas of expertise include adventure travel, luxury travel, eco-tourism, cultural tourism and family travel.
We are a media company specializing in travel writing and photography. Jonathon works with a team of experts, each of whom specialize in different locations, cultures and languages and through them we share our knowledge of the world through our writing, pictures and video.

Nomadic Adventures has its roots in an adventure travel company which Jonathon started in 1997 guiding trips through Canada, Belize, Mexico and the USA. Before that Jonathon was a guide from 1986.From this beginning where we guided in person to our current position of guiding through our words and images Nomadic Adventures has moved far beyond the original focus, but still focuses on bringing the best of the world to our readers and viewers.

Almost two decades later we travel the world in search of the new, the best and the original – those special things that make travel more than just a trip from points A to B. When we started Nomadic Adventures our motto was:

Adventures you can learn from!

It still is today – we try to convey knowledge and a special local feeling through our work whether in print, images, video or on screen.

Come Explore with Nomadic Adventures –

Nomadic Adventures brings a joy of travel and discovery to everything we write about and photograph and everywhere we visit. From the world’s best hotels to the roughest expedition, from the world’s great cities to the remote unknown corners of the world we travel and share our experiences.

Experiences to learn from — Experiences to inspire.

Nomadic Adventures includes full a media package – book, magazine and newspaper writing, photography, film and internet publishing. Published in several languages on 3 continents in several countries and dozens of publications, Nomadic Adventures is always looking for a new angle and a new story.

Other Travel related businesses:

Chichaku-4-1In 2008 Jonathon started ‘Chichaku’ – a Chinese language travel website which has grown to have over 3500 pages of content and is one of the largest completely editorial sources of travel information in Chinese. Chichaku was such a success that Chichaku Marketing was created to advise western Businesses on the best way to attract and promote their destinations to Chinese travellers. As the biggest and highest spending per capita travel market in the world no one can afford to ignore the Chinese travel market. As a recognised leader in teaching about the Chinese Travel market Jonathon teaches and presents on becoming ‘China Ready’ to everyone from regional tourism association to state sized tourism boards. For more information contact Jonathon directly at Jonathon.r@chichaku.com. Jonathon is the CEO and managing editor of Chichaku and the CEO and head instructor for Chichaku Marketing.

logo2In 2014 Jonathon started ‘Travels with Timur – a program focused on travel and seeing the world from a child’s perspective. The focus of the program is to have kids questions answered by the experts – from Commander Chris Hadfield answering questions about the spacecraft Voyager to interviews with professional chefs, canal lockmasters or the man who started Earth Day – we travela dn shot short video of Timur interviewing these experts. We also cover travel from a child’s perspective-

  • What do kids really like about a hotel? Timur’s favourite is the Fairmont Kai Lani in Maui…so far. Second favourite was a cabin in the woods with a huge fireplace and not much else.
  • What is the favourite form of transport for kids? Trains – hands down favourite with almost every kid we have talked to; least favourite – car travel.
  • Best travel gear for kids? What about entertainment on long flights? Best food for the road? Favourite travel activities?

In 2016 Jonathon will be launching a new website focused on helping outdoors folks get connected to the best activities in a region and the best gear to match those activities. Out There Hub combines sophisticated software with information about the activities available in any destination and also allows travels to create their own space on OTH which will allow them to share their experiences and knowledge with other users. Every activity featured will also have space for people and gear companies to recommend the best gear for that particular activity and location.

Destination Development work:

With over 20 years in the travel business Jonathon often consults on destination development – especially on adventure and ecotourism development. With the changing demographic of travellers and the rise of adventure travel as a mainstream genre it is important to get things right and Jonathon has consulted in many countries around the world from Estonia and Russia to Brazil and Mexico, from Australia and Malawi to the USA and Canada – in over 10 countries worldwide Jonathon has helped businesses, governments and international travel companies build the best adventure travel businesses possible.

A primary focus of this development work has been making sure that the destination/business/region has a good media and PR campaign in place focusing on the right source markets for that specific destination.

In our destination development work we take our combined experience and work to bring the ideals of sustainable tourism and adventure tourism to our clients around the world.



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